protects the Public Interest in relation to professional services provided by all its members and the associated risks. The CSHP promotes best practices of well-trained sexual health professionals to optimize sexual health (parenthood, relationship & sexual happiness) and guides the sexual health profession.

Public members are invited to send the CSHP suggestions on how to connect with one of our registered professionals, send suggestions on how our professionals can improve their service, approach the CSHP with a written complaint (under oath) against any member of the CSHP who did not act according to the CSHP’s constitution or code of conduct.

What does a sexual health professional do?

Sexual Health Professionals are well-equipped to enhance individual and family sexual- and relationship, health, well-being, and happiness at home and in the workplace. Practicing Sexologists can greatly improve the quality of life of all our people in almost every way and on all levels.

A Sexual Health Professional empowers individuals to manage their personal & private sexuality to give & receive optimum sexual pleasure & happiness, while eliminating the unhealthy, the bad, and the ugly; and empowers couples to enhance their relationship to give & receive optimum love, intimacy, sexual pleasure, security, and happiness without feeling deprived.

A Sexual Health Professional will be able to do holistic professional healing regarding inter alia: